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3. Madame Dreyfus-Barney (French), Vice-President of the Peace Section of the
International Council of Women, Liaison Officer between the International
Council of Women and the International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation;
4. Professor Giuseppe Gallavresi (Italian), Professor of History at the University
of Milan, author of historical works and assessor for education at Milan;
5. Professor Bogdan Gavrilovitch (Serbian), former Rector of the University of
6. Professor C. Kiritzesco (Roumanian), Director of Secondary Education at the
Ministry of Education;
7. M. Lapie (French), Rector of the University of Paris, former Director of Elementary
8. Professor Peter Munch (Dane), author of several history manuals, former Minister,
delegate of Denmark to the League of Nations ;
9. Professor Inazo Nitobe (Japanese), Professor at the Imperial University of Tokyo,
former President of the First National College, Tokyo, Member of the Japanese
Imperial Academy, Member of the House of Peers;
10. **M. Arturo Pardo Correa (Chilian), Assistant Professor of Pedagogy at the University
of Santiago de Chile;
11. Professor Dr. Schellberg (German), Counsellor at the Ministry of Education of
Representing the International Labour Office.
M. Eastman, Chief of the Third Section of the Research Division.
Representing the International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation.
Professor A. Zimmern, Deputy Director.
The Sub-Committee of Experts met in Geneva on August 3rd to 6th, 1926. It decided to
issue a series of recommendations and provisional suggestions which would be completed
and finally adopted at a subsequent meeting. These recommendations and suggestions are
contained in document A.26.1926, which has been widely distiibuted. It has been issued in
four English and two French editions.
Document A.26.1926 was submitted to the Council and the Assembly of the League lor
its information in September 1926. The resolutions then adopted read as follows:
“ The Council instructs the Secretary-General to forward for information to the
different Governments the recommendations and suggestions which the Sub-Committee
of Experts on the Instruction of Youth has provisionally put forward. It is understood,
however, that the final text of these recommendations will only be decided at a further
meeting to be held in the summer of 1927, and that this text will then be forwarded in a
report to the Committee on Intellectual Co-operation. ”
“ The Assembly, having considered in its Second Committee the report of the Sub-
Committee of Experts on the instruction of children and youth in the aims and objects
of the League of Nations, urges the Governments of the States Members of the League
to give this report their sympathetic consideration and to take the measures necessary
to give effect to all or any of its recommendations which may be found suitable for adop¬
tion in their respective countries. ”
The document was subsequently forwarded to the States Members of the League and
several reports on action taken by different Governments have since been received and
presented to the Sub-Committee.
At its meeting, the Sub-Committee further decided to ask some 25 international associa¬
tions interested in the question to give their opinion and suggestions with regard to the recom¬
mendations of the experts and their practical application. It appointed a special Committee
to study the replies received and to present a report. This special Committee, at its meeting
held from March 23rd to 25th, 1927, in Paris, at the Institute of Intellectual Co-operation,
had before it reports from some fifteen organisations. It decided to retain several of the
suggestions made and has accordingly amended the original text.
At its second session, July 4th to 6th, 1927, the Sub-Committee of Experts discussed
and approved these amendments. It decided, further, to group its final recommendations
in a more rational manner.
1 Note by the Secretariat. —After the death of M. Lapie, M. Rosset, Director of Primary Education at the Ministry
of Education of France, was appointed a member of the Sub-Committee.

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