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“ < In the case of resignation, Judges of the Court win not be entitled to
pensions unless they have completed a period of flve year® seme‘
Registrar shall not be entitled to a pension unless he has completed a peiioi.
sevfn years service, but the Court shall have power, by a special
based on the fact that the person concerned is in a I>1'®ca"l’l!s,sty e t°to wh ‘ ,
and has insufficient means, to grant him a pension equwalent to that to w
he would have been entitled had he completed the minimum period ot sei\ c
laid down above.
“ ‘ The payment of a pension shall not begin until the person entitled to
such pension has reached the age of 65 In certain exceptional cases h^evei,
the pension may, by a decision of the Couit, be made p y ?
part, to persons entitled thereto before they reach that age.
“ ‘ Article 2.
“ ‘ No retiring pension payable under the present Regulations shall exceed
15,000 Dutch florins per annum in the case of Judges ol the Couit and 10,
Dutch florins per annum in the case of the Registrar.
“ ‘ Article 3.
“ ‘ Subject to the provisions of Artide 2, Judges shaU ^ ^ ^
payment of a pension equivalent to one-thirtieth of thuip "yti10 amount
of each period of twelve months passed in the service of the Court, the amor
being calculated :
“ ‘ For the President, on his annual salary and special allowance ;
“ ‘ For the Vice-President and the other Judges, on their annual salary
and duty allowance.
“ ‘ The Registrar shall be entitled to the payment of a pension equivalen
to one-fortieth of his salary in respect of each period of twelve months passe
in the service of the Court. • . n
“ ‘ If a person entitled to a pension is re-elected to office, the pension sha
cease to be payable during his new term of office ; at the end .^f ^1S ’
however, the amount of this pension shall be determined as provided loi aboxe,
on the basis of the total period during which he discharged his duties.
“ ‘ Article 4.
“ < Subject to the provisions of Article 3, retiring pensions shall be payable
monthly in arrears during the lifetime of the beneficiary.
“ ‘ Article 5.
expenses of
“ ‘ Retiring pensions shall be regarded as coming under the “
Court ” within the meaning of Article 33 of the Statute of the Com .
“ ‘ Article 6.
“ ‘ The Assembly of the League of Nations may, on the proposal of the
Council, amend the present Regulations.
“ ‘ Nevertheless, any amendment so made shall not apptyto P61.5®"8 e>“ted
before the amendment in question was adopted unless they give then tonse
thereto. ’
By a resolution of September 9 th, 1930, the Council of ^ Aapg“ "/Anarstatuteof
to the'Protocol of September 14th, 1929, on the amendments to be made in the SUU £ ol
the Permanent Court of International Justice, instructed a Committee of Rinsls, consis ^
of M b“aA, M. Gaos and M. Pilotti, to take the necessary steps to enable it to submit
definite proposals to the Assembly in regard to the situation.

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