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Scottish Youth Theatre

Written and designed by Scottish Youth Theatre, there are 8 lesson plans for primary and secondary pupils designed to encourage young people to think about the qualities and characteristics Samuel Smiles' admired. The activities prompt pupil discussion about whether these characteristics are relevant to society today and help them examine their own potential for success in whatever they choose to pursue.

Using a cross-curricular approach which focuses on drama, they can be used to support the teaching of English, drama and history. They also encourage young learners to creatively explore ideas, concepts, themes and issues around the idea of heroes, citizenship, dreams and aspirations.

How do I use the lesson plans with my class?

  • Use the interactive area as an introduction to the topic for your pupils. It can be set as homework or done in the classroom.
  • Each of the 10 lesson plans is segmented into three sections:
    • Warm ups help introduce the theme and bring everyone to a common energy level.
    • Core activities involve creating drama work focussing on a specific Smiles-related theme.
    • Endings give time for fun recap of what's been worked on or reflection time to consider how these issues, topics affect you.
  • Some exercises have a potential development note which suggests activities to develop the theme explored in the workshop further.
  • All exercises have approximate times to help you in your planning however this is not set in stone as each group will work at their own pace.
  • We have given a recommended age group for each lesson plan, but we’d also encourage you to take a flexible approach to choosing which exercises are suitable for your group dependant on the pupil's needs, skill level, experience and abilities.

Downloadable lesson plans