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John Murray III's cousin, Robert Cooke, joined the firm in 1837. Before this, he completed an apprenticeship at the publisher Longmans. After joining the family firm, he was made a partner and had a good working relationship with John Murray IV. He was the most important person in the business after Murray himself.

Significantly, Cooke organised the purchase of 49 Albemarle Street for £4,100 plus £150 for fixtures. It was renumbered 50a and served as their warehouse until 1930, when they set up storage at Clerkenwell Road in London.

Cooke was good friends with Murray author, George Borrow, the traveller and writer on Spain. Having established himself as integral to the firm, he continued to be actively involved with the business throughout his life.


NRA Name: Cooke, Robert Francis (1816-1891) publisher.

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