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The American scholar Leslie A Marchand began researching Lord Byron in 1935 as part of his doctoral thesis at Columbia University. From 1947 he began work on his highly praised 'Byron: A Biography' (1957), which was published in three volumes by Alfred A Knopf.

After retiring from Rutgers University in 1966, Marchand set out to create a comprehensive collection of Byron's letters. Byron is widely considered one of the greatest ever letter writers.

In editing 'Byron's Letters and Journals' (1973-1982) Marchand was assisted by John 'Jock' Murray VI, himself a remarkable Byron collector, scholar and enthusiast. The final published work ran to over 3,000 letters in eleven volumes, an index volume and a supplementary volume which appeared in 1994.

In addition to the business records and letters between John Murray II and Lord Byron, the Murrays for generations, collected the largest collection of Byron's private letters and papers.

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'Byron is amongst those very few who rarely wrote a dull letter.'
– Marchand, 'Byron's Letters and Journals'

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