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In 1768, Edinburgh-born John McMurray took over the bookselling business of William Sandby at 32 Fleet Street, London. In deference to the anti-Scottish feeling in London at the time, one of his first actions as a bookseller was to drop what one of his friends called 'the wild highland Mac' from his name.

An ex-marine and a hard drinker, Murray I was well suited to the often boisterous and risky late 18th century professions of publishing and bookselling.

Murray I published about 1,000 titles, and was the sole publisher more of more than than a third of them. These included many important medical and scientific titles including a quarterly periodical 'Medical Commentaries' and Johann Kaspar Lavater's 'Essays on Physiognomy'.

NRA Name: N/A but Murray, John (1737-1793) formerly McMurray, publisher and bookseller.

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'Many blockheads in the trade are making fortunes, and did we not succeed as well as these, I think it must be imputed only to ourselves.'
– Murray letterbook, 16 October 1768.

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