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Robert Peel

The John Murray Archive tells in wonderful detail the history of a publishing family at the heart of British and world culture. For over 200 years Murray authors have inspired, influenced and entertained through every possible genre.

Many Murray authors and titles are among the most famous and recognisable. However, the full influence of Murray publications also extends into the thousands of forgotten and lesser known authors. Murray authors' influence was also often expressed through their many, often anonymous, contributions to different Murray series, newspapers, magazines, journals and reviews.

Find out who's who in literature, science, politics and society, travel and exploration, and Murray publishing.

Box icon Who's who in literature

Jane Austen Jane Austen
Byron Lord Byron
Romantic poet
James Hogg James Hogg
Struggling poet and novelist

Washington Irving Washington Irving
American novelist
Leslie A Marchand Leslie A Marchand
Byron scholar
Herman Melville Herman Melville
South Sea adventurer

Walter Scott portrait Walter Scott
Poet, novelist and critic

Box icon Who's who in science

Charles Darwin portrait Charles Darwin
J K Lavater portrait Johann Kaspar Lavater
Scientist of expressions
Charles Lyell portrait Charles Lyell

Mary Somerville portrait Mary Somerville
Queen of Science

Box icon Who's who in politics and society

Duke of Argyll portrait Duke of Argyll
'Divine design' advocate
Benjamin Disraeli portrait Benjamin Disraeli
Prime Minister
Caroline Lamb portrait Caroline Lamb
Byron's infamous lover

Caroline Norton portrait Caroline Norton
Determined campaigner
Robert Peel portrait Robert Peel
Prime Minister
Maria Rundell portrait Maria Rundell
Domestic goddess

Samuel Smiles portrait Samuel Smiles
Self-help guru

Box icon Who's who in travel and exploration

Isabella Bird portrait Isabella Bird
Traveller and photographer
Richard Ford portrait Richard Ford
Spanish enthusiast
portrait John Franklin
Tragic arctic explorer

Austen Layard portrait Austen Layard
Discoverer of lost cities
David Livingstone portrait David Livingstone
Missionary and explorer
Heinrich Schliemann portrait Heinrich Schliemann

Box icon Who's who in Murray publishing

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