Murray published works of the great scientists and innovators of the 19th century. Foremost among them is the naturalist Charles Darwin, whose theories of evolution affected nearly all branches of science. Murray also published many other works around this debate, both in favour and opposition to Darwin's theories.

Each of these men advanced our understanding of nature and science, and their ideas helped shape the modern world.

Somerville – 'Queen of Science'

However it was a woman, Mary Somerville, who was perhaps the most successful of Murray's scientific writers. Known as the 'Queen of Science', the self-taught Somerville wrote immensely successful books on mathematics and science. She popularised for a mass reading market the important work of so many others.

Who's who in science

portrait image Charles Darwin
portrait image Johann Kaspar Lavater
Scientist of expressions
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portrait image Mary Somerville
Queen of Science

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Murray published, reviewed and corresponded with many of the great scientists of the age. They included chemists Sir Humphry Davy and Michael Faraday, geologists Sir Charles Lyell and Sir Roderick Murchison, botanists Sir William Hooker and Sir John Hooker, and inventors like Sir David Brewster and Charles Babbage.

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