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The history of the Murray publishing house is more than the history of authors and books. It is the history of a remarkable family as well. Each of the seven generations of Murrays brought their own distinct force of character and passions to the publishing house, helping it not only to survive innumerable wars, slumps and upheavals, but to thrive, flourish and maintain a reputation for publishing excellence.


John Murray published a number of periodicals – newspapers, magazines, journals, reviews and annual reports. Some were incredibly successful, the best of their kind – critically acclaimed and profitable. Others were less so, ending in acrimony and failure. The John Murray Archive has a wealth of correspondence and business papers detailing this important part of Murray's publishing.

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Sir Walter Scott reviewed one of his own works in the Quarterly Review. His novel had been published anonymously, so he reviewed it in order to stop people guessing it was him! It also turned out to be one of the harshest reviews 'Tales of a Grandfather' received.

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John Murray VII at Albemarle Street
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