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The history of the Murray publishing house is more than the history of authors and books. It is the history of a remarkable family as well. Each of the seven generations of Murrays brought their own distinct force of character and passions to the publishing house.

Learn more about publishing in the John Murray Archive.

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Widespread political and social change is often debated, discussed and detailed by Murray authors and publications.

Discover the leading issues in politics and society in the John Murray Archive.

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The archive contains captivating tales of intrepid explorers and travellers who journeyed through exotic and distant lands enduring hardships and danger.

Find out more about travel and exploration in the John Murray Archive.

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Some of the greatest names in literature are in the archive. Novelists like Jane Austen, Herman Melville and Sir Walter Scott, as well as poet Lord Byron.

Learn more about literature in the John Murray Archive.

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Murray published, reviewed and corresponded with many of the great scientists whose ideas shaped the modern world. Foremost among them is the naturalist Charles Darwin.

Discover science in the John Murray Archive.

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