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Storytelling workshop

John Murray Archive resources are designed to develop critical thinking skills and are designed to support the key principles and purposes within the Curriculum for Excellence.

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The ideas factory

Screen grab of web feature This interactive workshop guides you through planning a story before you start writing. It includes notes for teachers with advice on how to use it in classroom teaching.

Start planning your story at 'The ideas factory'

Samuel Smiles' self-help heroes

Heroes drama resource Who did the Victorians look up to? What does it take to be a hero today?

Discover amazing stories about Victorian heroes in the 'Self-help heroes' resource

History of the Book: 'On the Origin of Species'

Origin of Species resource Was Charles Darwin nervous about seeing the result of 20 years of research published? How many copies did the book sell?

Find the answers and learn about 19th-century publishing in the 'History of the Book' resource. (Link may open new window)

Who knows what you might discover

  • Were 19th-century politicians as concerned about image as their modern counterparts?

  • Did female authors take an active role in the business of publishing?

  • How did 19th-century explorers travel and interpret what they saw?

The John Murray Archive is a gateway to learning about the 19th century. You can use it to find out about some of the ideas and developments that created the world we live in today and discover some of our greatest writers and thinkers.

Find out who's who in the John Murray Archive

Understanding our world today

From science to politics, the John Murray Archive delves into lives not so different from our own:

  • The passion of political debate
  • The fear and exhilaration of travel into the unknown
  • The pace of innovation and change.

It can help you understand important contemporary issues and develop your understanding of the world and Scotland's place within it.

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Interactive timeline

JMA timeline detail
Explore over 200 years of publishing history in the timeline.

Past projects

Evolving words: In Darwin's footsteps
In Darwin's footsteps video
Watch 'In Darwin's footsteps' video. A unique collaboration between the John Murray Archive and Evolving Words poetry and performance project.

Great Escapes

Great escapes
View multimedia tourist guides created by students on Mull inspired by Murray's 'Handbooks for Travellers'. Includes teachers' notes and how-to guides.