Livingstone's Walk, Isle of Ulva

Created by Ulva Primary School

Ulva Primary School have used an existing footpath route on the Isle of Ulva to create a tour that provides a host of information on the island, its history, geology and island life today.

From the formation of basalt columns to links with the famous explorer David Livingstone, the character of Ulva is revealed via the tour.

Practical information

The walk will take approximately three to four hours.

Follow the marked footpath route around the island. There are information boards on the island and further details of the route can be found in 'The Isle of Ulva: A Visitors Guide' and signposts on Ulva.

The route covers some rough and uneven ground so is not suitable for younger children.

Copyright and permissions

All historic maps have been reproduced by permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

Historic images on the Livingstone Walk tour were kindly provided by the Howard family of Ulva.

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Child's coloured drawing of a hill
Drawing of Ben More, Isle of
Mull, by a pupil at Ulva

Photo of landscape view on the Livingstone Walk
Livingstone's Croft, Isle of

Child's coloured drawing of landscape with rocks and sun
Drawing of the coast of the
Isle of Ulva by a pupil at
Ulva Primary.