Letter of James Hogg to John Murray, 24 March 1821

Hogg's marriage in 1820 to the daughter of a prosperous Dumfriesshire farmer helped to improve his financial situation and he was able to take out a long lease out on Mount Benger farm near Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. However, he still struggled to finance the stocking of the farm so he turned to chasing his publishers for money.


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Be just like yourself therefore and order me to draw
on you or for £100 at once which will be winding up
the matter rather respectably

At all events let me hear from you with your
very first convenience, and tell me how you are and
if I may hope for a new edition of any thing for believe
me I have very much need of it at present. Blackwood
acknowledges that The Brownie. Pilgrims of the Sun.
and Mador of the Moor are all very nearly out of print
if not quite but he does not encourage new editions
Tell me as a friend rather than a man of business
what you think.

If you see Sir Walter Scott quickly; there is a
work of which he knows; a certain Border Romance
in three vols. to which he was going to lend the author
a hand in disposing of. Tell him that author is now
perfectly free to dispose of it as he pleases and that
perhaps he would like as well that it made its app-
-earance in Albemarle Street London as in any other street
in the world. The conditions between two such men
should never be enquired about; but by all means get
him to promise to give it a touch here and there himself
One genius can do much; but two combined. “think of that
Mr Ford!” He will also inform you what kind of a
wife I have got but perhaps he does not know that
she brought me a nice young port on Sunday last
Mrs. Lockhart is quite well again and goes out to dinner
Constable is very ill. said to be dangerously so I have no
more but that I am

Yours most affectionately

James Hogg