Letter of James Hogg to John Murray, 26 December 1814

Although Hogg was a successful author, he never made a great amount of money from his writings and regualarly wrote to his publishers asking for more money. While writing, he would often ask about others in Murray's circle, inlcuding Lord Byron.


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that he was very busy writing godly psalms to be
sung in congregations and families and when I heard
that I said “If that be the case there's no man sure
of his life” — I do not know where to find him
else I would write him a scolding letter — I have nothing
in the world to say to you only be sure to let me hear
from you and tell me how you are like to come on
with the copies of the Queen's Wake which I sent you
It has been a losing business and you must get me as much
for it as you can afford. I hope you will soon find occasion
for sending me an offer for a fifth edition. I am interrupted
so farewell for the present. God bless you

James Hogg