Letter of Mrs Disraeli to John Murray, 21 May 1826

'The Representative' had been a joint venture between Benjamin Disraeli and Murray. Disreali's mother blamed the failure of this daily newspaper entirely on Murray. She felt her son, though clever, did not have much experience, whereas Murray was an astute and knowledgeable publisher.
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or attaching any reason for your strange conduct
at Mrs Hardwick's, but this cannot last for I must
not suffer Ben to lay any longer under an odium
which can be explained away by the truth being
told. I really cannot believe John Murray who
has so often professed such strong friendship for DIsraeli
should be now going about blasting the character of
that friends son because he had formed in his
versatile imagination a perfect being and expected
impossibilities and found him on trial a mere mortal
and a very very young Man

I fear I have made this letter too long and that you
will destroy it instead of reading it Pray for old friendship
do not do that but give me the explanation I so
ardently require

And believe me ever your
sincere well wisher

Maria D'Israeli