Letter of Mrs Disraeli to John Murray, 21 May 1826

'The Representative' had been a joint venture between Benjamin Disraeli and Murray. Disreali's mother blamed the failure of this daily newspaper entirely on Murray. She felt her son, though clever, did not have much experience, whereas Murray was an astute and knowledgeable publisher.
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you then Sir perhaps would have found tho' a
clever boy he was no “prodigy” and I must say
I believe that the failure of the Representative lay
much more with the proprietor and his Editor than
it ever did with my son, but I feel your disappointment
and can forgive your irritability, yet I must resent
your late attack on Benjamin. What can you
mean by saying as an excuse for not meeting Disraeli
and myself at the house of Mr Spence that our
son had divulged and made public your Secrets
this surely you must know is not truth, and can
you as the father of a family, think yourself
justified in hurting the character and future
prospects of a young Man to whose Father you
subscribe yourself his faithful friend and to
whose Mother has most obliged

I now must beg an explanation of this Enigma
I have always carefully abstained from speaking
on this subject