Letter of Mrs Disraeli to John Murray, 21 May 1826

'The Representative' had been a joint venture between Benjamin Disraeli and Murray. Disreali's mother blamed the failure of this daily newspaper entirely on Murray. She felt her son, though clever, did not have much experience, whereas Murray was an astute and knowledgeable publisher.
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Bloomsbury Sqr 21st May 1826



Dear Sir

Having learnt that my son has written to
Mrs Murray this morning I am now doing what had I
pleased myself I should have done sometime since
which is to write to you, to request an explanation of
your conduct which the kindness and pliability of
Mr Disraeli's character never could obtain, for while
you were expressing great friendship, we were constantly
hearing of the great losses Mr Murray had sustained
through the mismanagement and bad conduct of my
Son. Surely Sir, were this story truly told it would
not be believed that the experienced publisher of Albemarle
Street could be decieved by the plans of a boy of twenty
whom you had known from his cradle and whose
resources you must have as well known as his Father
and had you condescended to consult that Father the
folly might not have been committed.