Letter of Richard Ford to John Murray 1846

Ford’s lively and dramatic letters to Murray discuss the writing, suppression and eventual success of the 'Handbook for Travellers in Spain'. In this letter Ford is horrified at the extent of edits from Murray and calls him a "matador of authors".


Copyright National Library of Scotland


60/ Galera. I positively cannot consent.
It is most al, & will soon
disappear even in Spain as it
will certainly in 2d

Ch VIII ay! di mi Albemarle St
Have you no mercy or bowell, to rip
me up alive — this will not reappear
or at best in half a dozen lines &
in quite a different form. It is personal
narrative : “It has been our good fortune &

p 90 Curious to all men & women who
have horses . was revised by Miles &
is new matter . nothing of it will appear
in 2nd. Edt.

95 Oh Murray cruel Murray. it will
never reappear. alexander recommended
to me, & I use it twice a day —

97 I offer on the altar of peace from
stow. to brushes —
ditto 98. 99
with pain & sorrow
but still I do

& part of 100 to large town —
ditto 102. 103. I am not particular
as to Nota to aqua. It is funny & I think
should stand

104 is curious it will re appear only in a
dry curt & different form

106 Why cut these poor lines out hard hearted man

Ch X will never be seen again. it is a picture; I would
sooner burn the book than lose it.

PS. if pecuniary considerations disturbs you — I am
your man in anything you like. do what you like
as to me quasi hacendado Spare the author
d — m his purse.

Ford Richard