Letter of Richard Ford to John Murray 1846

Ford’s lively and dramatic letters to Murray discuss the writing, suppression and eventual success of the 'Handbook for Travellers in Spain'. In this letter Ford is horrified at the extent of edits from Murray and calls him a "matador of authors".


Copyright National Library of Scotland


I never was so annoyed in my life. I am
preparing a form of oath never to write
another line, when it is done hic castus
artemq repono.

motto on tomb Here lies
Killed by
Pray for his poor soul.

Let me have a line by return of post. I shall
correct press in the interim. Your sheets have had some
alterations made in revise.

I have determined on Title — dedication
& preface which I enclose =

Page 40/ almost all about the steamers is new
& curious it will be only mentioned in a dry
curt & businesslike form in 2nd. .

42. a matter of some importance to a traveller
but dele if you will — yet why disturb type
for a few words

46. I am willing to show my will to
oblige & defer to you

52 Similar readiness

54. 54. great pleasure in compliance

58 — total impossibility on the part of
the wretched author. It will not
appear in 2nd. is very Spanish
& curious reading —