Letter of Washington Irving to John Murray, 18 June 1824

Irving's published writings appeared under numerous pseudonyms including Geoffrey Crayon, Jonathan Oldstyle and Diedrich Knickerbocker.


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Sloperton cottage Devizes

June 18th 1824.

My dear Sir,

I send you a portion of my manu-
-script. and shall furnish you with more
in a day or two, and indeed as fast as you
want it. What It will be in four parts
making two volumes about the size of the
Sketch Book. The title page that accompa-
nies this MSS. is the title page of the first
part merely. The general title page will
be “Tales of a Traveller, by Geoffrey Crayon
Gent.” with a motto which I have not at
present at hand.

I have been passing a week in the New
Forest, and three or four days at Bath and
Moores cottage, where I now am. I leave them
tomorrow morning, but shall continue visiting
about in different parts of the country. Proof