Letter of Lady Caroline Lamb to Lord Byron, 3 June 1814

Even years after their affair had ended, the passion and obsession Lamb had for Byron was still apparent in her writing.


Copyright National Library of Scotland

Transcription and mark-up

calling the things my valuables & making a jest of my
sorrows — & saying I am selfish — when — I alone suffer —
Farewell Mephistocles — Luke Makey de la Touche Richard the 3d
Valmont Machiavelli Napoleon Prevol the wicked
Duke of Orleans — for you are a little like them all —
& Joseph Lancaster is very ugly — & Kean in
Othello — also is ugly — put me in mind of you —
When I enter a room I know where you are by
a row of beaming eyes all turned askance after
you — I literally saw nothing but your ear for a
whole hour one night — it is perfectly unlike
any ear in nature — & as tristram Shandy might say
requires a Chapter to itself — I have often been nearer
to it than the other night — too near ever while I
exist to forget moments of perfect happiness —
your Wife will be happy — I am certain of it —
though others doubt it — because you are a Man any
Woman might live with forever & unless she tired
you — you could not tire her — whatever the crime
be of loving that which by our vows we have renounced
I only say this one thing for my vindication &
also for that of the hundreds who have & the
thousands who will fall by the same ‘light” —