Letter of Lady Caroline Lamb to Lord Byron, 3 June 1814

Even years after their affair had ended, the passion and obsession Lamb had for Byron was still apparent in her writing.


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That it is not in nature to resist — that there
is nothing June 3 ?1812 or 1813 in Heaven or earth or under the earth
like you & that if I am condemned to sail
in sulphur hereafter I shall think it hard & cruel
for why did God make a Being like you — if
he did not give us strength not to admire & love it
are you sure that you are a Man — I doubt it —
What could I have w for this letter — how many
angry looks from Lady M. how many frowns
will be my fate — & perhaps from you — the mouth will
be turned with its corners to the ground — however I cannot
be worse off as someone said when they were in the Pillory

it was a satisfaction to know that mortal spight could
not place them lower — pray pardon this it is the 3d of June
I have a letter of yours written on this day — just 2 years
ago — a most unkind one — & this is as a punishment
pray do not be angry — think of my situation
how extraordinary! —my Mother in Law actually in
the place I held — her ring instead of mine — her letters
instead of mine — her heart — but do you believe
either she or any others feel for you what I felt —
ugly & thin & mad & dispis'd as I am — you never never
have or will be so lov'd by another — of that I am certain
because except your own self no one can love as well &
devotedly & entirely as I could — & did — & this one day you will know —