Letter of Lord Byron to Lady Caroline Lamb, 29 April 1813

Byron wrote frankly to Lamb when he decided their relationship must end. This broke Lamb's heart and she threatened revenge. However, he had firmly and decisively made his mind up.


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make no defence — whatever they say or
do — must be formidable — your words
& actions have lately been tolerably por=
=tentous — & might justify me in avoiding
the demanded interview — more especially
as I believe you fully capable of per=
=forming all your menaces — but as
I once hazarded every thing for you — I
will not shrink from you — perhaps
I deserve punishment — if so — you are
as quite as proper a person to inflict
it as any other. — You say you will
“ruin me” — I thank you — but I have
done that for myself already — you say
you will “destroy me” perhaps you will
only save me the trouble. — It is
useless to reason with you — to repeat
what you already know — that I have