Letter of Lord Byron to John Murray, 23 August 1811

Byron had great respect for Murray's chief literary adviser, William Gifford. However, on this occasion, he was worried that Gifford would not like what he had written so he told Murray not to let Gifford read it.


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Newstead Abbey. Notts.

August 23rd 1811


A domestic calamity in the death of
a near relation has hitherto prevented my
addressing you on the subject of this letter.
My friend Mr. Dallas has placed in your
hands a manuscript poem written by me in
Greece, which he tells you me you do not
object to publishing. But he also informed
me in London that you wished to send the
M.S. to Mr. Gifford. Now, though no one
would feel more gratified by the chance of ob-
-taining his observations on a work than my-
-self there is in such a proceeding, a mind
of petition for praise, that neither my pride