Letter of Benjamin Disraeli to John Murray, 18 September 1825

Disraeli hoped to enlist the help of Sir Walter Scott and his son-in-law, the writer and literary editor John Gibson Lockhart, for his proposed Tory newspaper. However, due to the sensitive and political nature of his proposals, Disraeli thought it wise to use codenames in his letter to Murray to protect people's identities.


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leave the letter for Mr. Bruce — It will seem
odd p.p.c with at the same moment I
bring a letter of introduction — If I return
to Ed. I can avail myself of it — If the
letter contains anything which would
otherwise make Mr Murray wish
it to be left, let me know —

Read my letters & write to me —

I revel in the various
beauties of a Scotch breakfast — gol
cold grouse & marmalade find me
however constant —

Ever yrs

B D.