Letter of Lord Byron to John Murray, 22 April 1822

While he was abroad, Byron made frequent personal requests to John Murray. One request of particular note, was making arrangements for the funeral of his daughter Allegra.


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April 22nd. 1822.

Dear Sir,
You will regret to hear that I have
received intelligence of the death of my dau-
ghter Allegra of a fever in the convent
at Bagna Cavallo, where she was placed
for the last year to commence her education.
It is a heavy blow for many reasons, but
must be borne with time.
It is my present intention to send her re-
mains to England for sepulture in Harrow Church
(where I once hoped to have laid my own)
and this is my reason for troubling you with
this notice. I wish the funeral to be
very private. The body is embalmed and
in lead. It will be embarked from
Leghorn. Would you have any objection
to give the proper directions on its' arrival

I am yours etc.


P.S.You are aware that protestants
are not allowed holy ground in
Catholic countries.