Letter of Sir Charles Lyell to John Murray, 4 November 1859

As Charles Darwin's trusted friend, Lyell played an important role in getting Darwin's book 'On the Origin of Species' published. Lyell was involved in the early publishing proposals between Murray and Darwin as well as proof-reading the manuscript.


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Darwin's book. I was to
have one of the first copies.

believe me

most try yrs

Cha Lyell

J. Murray Eq

P.S. If I find my discussion
on the new & now new all-absorbing question of
species (which belongs more strictly
to the Principles) too much even
in abstract to incorporate into
the manual in the body of the
book, I propose to put it in
as an introduction explaining that
it is necessary to prefix it that
allusions in the text which follow
may be understood —

The whole will ultimately