Letter of Sir Charles Lyell to John Murray, 24 October 1851

As well as writing new works, Lyell continued to write extensive revisions for his seminal book 'Principles of Geology'. He was keen that both his new works and revised editions were reviewed in Murray's influential literary publication the 'Quarterly Review'.


Copyright National Library of Scotland


Oct 24 — 1851
Lyell C

‘Q Revw & O’ Article
to which I shall not allude
directly, because my facts &
reasoning will apply to others besides

My theory has been most
grossly misrepresented in the Q.R.
& C. Darwin with whom I am stay
ing is most anxious that the new
facts which knock Owen's line of
reasoning in the head should come
out at once — — 2500 copies must
not be issued minus such very
interesting novelties — I shall be
home tomorrow & will call to con
sider how we can get space. A
wood cut may be wanted for a table
of the new quadruped. Please to enquire
before I see you whether the last & first
sheets are th off — very y

Cha Lyell