Letter of Sir Charles Lyell to John Murray, 24 October 1851

As well as writing new works, Lyell continued to write extensive revisions for his seminal book 'Principles of Geology'. He was keen that both his new works and revised editions were reviewed in Murray's influential literary publication the 'Quarterly Review'.


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Since writing the above
I have receivd the Preface &
title page by post — I will call
tomorrow — y tr CL —

Down, Bromley, Oct. 24

My dear Sir

Mr Cooke before he left
town promised to send me the
Preface to the Manual to correct
& the title page as now that we
are to call it the 4th Edn of
the Manual some sentences might
with propriety be altered & I might
also mention that 2000 copies
having been sold in 9 months I
was unexpectedly called upon to re-
print what I had done with
simple corrections —

The sheet never came, & I
afterward applied to Mr Dundas but
did not get it before leaving town —

I now write to say that