Letter of Samuel Smiles to John Murray, 30 March 1879

The Italian version of Samuel Smiles book 'Self-Help' was a huge success was published in more editions than in Britain. When Smiles visited Italy he was treated as a literary and social hero, meeting many important and distinguished Italians.


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Roman greatness. I returned here
a week ago , and intend to stay
another fortnight.

I staid a week at the Europa ,
but found the accomodation bad , and
the dinners half-cold , and .
I removed here & found everything most
comfortable. At Naples I staid at the
Royal Hotel des Etrangers. It is entirely
new , & a very fine hotel , close to the
Washington. It has been removed
from the place mentioned in the Guide-
-book , and that paragraph will have
to be altered.

With kindest regards to Mr
Cooke , John the Third , & all at
50A , Believe me ever

Yours faithfully

S Smiles

J. Murray Esq