Letter of Samuel Smiles to John Murray, 30 March 1879

The Italian version of Samuel Smiles book 'Self-Help' was a huge success was published in more editions than in Britain. When Smiles visited Italy he was treated as a literary and social hero, meeting many important and distinguished Italians.


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and I have asked her to present the
other to the Queen of Italy. I was
introduced yesterday to Cairoli &
his lady. You may remember
that Cairoli in a measure saved
the Kings life while riding through
Naples a short time ago. He received
me with great politeness , & gave
me a hearty grasp of his hand.
It is a misfortune for me not to
speak Italian , but the Signora speaks
English very well , and was able
to interpret my conversation. It
was then that she told me that
she had translated “Character”, and
which, she said , had given her
so much pleasure. She was pleased
to say that I was the only living
writer who devoted his time to