Letter of Samuel Smiles to John Murray, 30 March 1879

The Italian version of Samuel Smiles book 'Self-Help' was a huge success was published in more editions than in Britain. When Smiles visited Italy he was treated as a literary and social hero, meeting many important and distinguished Italians.


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Apl. 2/79.

Smiles S

Hotel Quirinal, Rome

30 March 1879

Statue of Self Help

My Dear Sir

Will you kindly direct a copy
each of “The Scotch Naturalist” and
“Robert Dick” to be sent by post to
Prof: Scultor Rossetti
Via Marguta

I brought these books with me
intending to present them to the Sculptor —
who, as you may know, has executed
a very fine statue of "Self-Help" —
a girl plaiting her hair, and with the
book upon her knee, reading it while
she is doing her dressing, & thus making
the most of her time — but I have
given one of them to Signora Cairoli,
wife of the late prime minister, who
translated “Character” into Italian ;