Letter of Renee Hopkins to John Murray, 27 March 1921

A young girl inspired by Samuel Smiles best-selling book, 'Self-Help' wrote to Murray for advice on how to become a successful author.


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for me to be a second Mrs Gaskell, Louisa M.
Alcott, or Harriet Beecher Stowe, but still
I want to try to do something.

Since I started school
(I am fourteen now). I have generally been
top in composition not the story part so much
as in descriptive essays, at which my Head-
mistress said I was excellent. Please don't
think I am praising myself. but I am
doing this entirely on my own with nothing
to help me except my own common sense,
imagination & Natures works to give me ideas.

I am telling no one of
my secret ambition so that no-one can laugh
at me if I fail. I have been working in
an office since I left school at Christmas
but was forced to give it up. because of
my health. so you see I must do something
or I shall be a great disappointment to
Mother and Gran: