Letter of Renee Hopkins to John Murray, 27 March 1921

A young girl inspired by Samuel Smiles best-selling book, 'Self-Help' wrote to Murray for advice on how to become a successful author.


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And JM
31 iii 21

John Murray Esq
Albemarle Street
London W.

56, Mill Lane,
Mar: 25th 21.

Dear Sir:—

I have just been reading one of the
books that you have published and I must
say it has fired me with great ambitions.
It is Samuel Smiles “Self Help.” which, as you
know, tells of men who have risen from humble
origin to great fame, just through sheer

I had never heard of this book
until it was presented to me as a prize for
good composition and the one who distributed
the prizes said that he hoped we should
one day be a credit to our school and our
town, and I think from that time I have
done nothing but dream of the day when
I could do something for myself.

I know it is quite impossible