Letter of Caroline Norton to John Murray, November 1836

Author and campaigner Norton discussed the advantages and disadvantages of publishing her poetry anonymously with Murray.


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? Nov 1836

Dear Sir

I think I had better have a doz.
copies at once, & conquer my stinginess
& fear, at sufficiently to send to those
persons who may notice my poem favourably
(because it is mine,) a note & a copy.

Lord Ashley does not know — at least
I have never told him — I do not think
it necessary to confess, except to those who
can serve me — which is a fine, romantic,
& poetical sentiment. By and by, when
I see whether people think I have meddled
with what I do not understand, will
be time enough for my fashionable friends,
it is my literary ones I am thinking of.
Is Mr Hayward still abroad?

Yours truly (in haste

C. Norton