Letter of Benjamin Disraeli to Mrs Murray, 21 May 1826

With the failure of their newspaper venture 'The Representative', the relationship between Disraeli and John Murray deteriorated. They had been family friends for years and Disraeli hoped that correspondence with Mrs Murray might be able to restore the relationshiop between the two families.


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to give you every opportunity of rendering it unnecessary.
I earnestly beg of you to allow no misconceived
opinion of self dignity — no preconceived opinions
of my character, to prevent you from acting in
this business temperately, wisely, & promptly. —
Promptitude is absolutely necessary — I only heard
last night of your communication to Mr & Mrs
Spence — and I already feel that I am perhaps
wrong in losing another four & twenty hours.

I have not mentioned to the family,
that I have written this letter, but I shall do so when
we meet this morning. If you think that any
communication between yourself & my mother
can produce any beneficial effect, I am sure
she will not be hindered by the remembrance
of what is past from immediately meeting you.
I hope that the bearer of this may return with an

I am, dear Madam,

your very obedt Servt,

B. Disraeli