Letter of Benjamin Disraeli to Mrs Murray, 21 May 1826

With the failure of their newspaper venture 'The Representative', the relationship between Disraeli and John Murray deteriorated. They had been family friends for years and Disraeli hoped that correspondence with Mrs Murray might be able to restore the relationshiop between the two families.


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Sunday morning 8o' clock
May 21st 1826

Dear Madam,

I request your particular attention to this
letter, which I do assure you is written purely out
of respect and regard for you and your family —
These feelings have hitherto prevented me from noticing
in any manner Mr Murray's conduct towards
me — they prevent me at this moment from —
applying any epithet to his conduct characteristic
of my opinion of its nature — and they would have
altogether have prevented me from noticing it at
all, as long as the knowledge of it was confined to a
few private & mutual friends. But Mr Murray
has overstepped the w bounds, which the remembrance
of former friendship, has too indulgently conceded
him, and he has he spoke and is now speaking
of me to the world generally in terms which to
me are as inexplicable, as they appear to be outrageous.

Under these circumstances, one course
is apparently only left to me, and that is of the most
decided & deplorable nature, but before I have
recourse to it I wish, for the sake of all interested