Letter of Herman Melville to John Murray, 29 October 1847

Following good reviews of his work from critics, Melville hoped to persuade Murray to pay him more.


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upon another book of South Sea adventure
(continued from, tho' wholly independent of,
“Omoo”) — The new work will enter
into scenes altogether new, & will, I think,
possess more interest than the former,
which treated of subjects comparably trite.

— In anticipation of any
movement on my part, I have recently
received overtures from a house in
London concerning the prospective
purchase of the English copyright of the a
third book. From this house the offer would
be a liberal one, I am confident. But
I have declined trammeling my self in
any way — &, from considerations of
courtesy, address you now, to learn
what you may feel disposed to offer
in advance for the book in question

—The signal success of the books,
& other considerations peculiar to the case,
leave little doubt as to the success of
a third:— a fact condensed by the
overtures I have received. — I can not
but be conscious, that the field where