Letter of Richard Ford to John Murray, 28 September 1845

Ford's 'Handbooks for Travellers to Spain' received many supportive reviews and critiques. It contined to sell well and be widely praised even in subsequent editions. The Times, in 1858 said that it 'took its place among the best books of travel, humour, and history, social, literary, political, and artistic, in the English language'.


Copyright National Library of Scotland

Transcription and mark-up

some more copies may go
off; oh! miraclé I hear
of many of our Devonian
Squires having bought the
book & what is more of
having read it!!

Since my return here, my
bowells are all tranquil, but
my infernal Uvula troublesome
again: I have hitherto eschewed
ink as the Devil does holy
water : but I dare swear
when the days shorten, that
I shall creep into my working
den in the garden

Ever Truly