Letter of Richard Ford to John Murray, 28 September 1845

Ford's 'Handbooks for Travellers to Spain' received many supportive reviews and critiques. It contined to sell well and be widely praised even in subsequent editions. The Times, in 1858 said that it 'took its place among the best books of travel, humour, and history, social, literary, political, and artistic, in the English language'.


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Transcription and mark-up

on the subject of Perez. I have
his original Relaciones Paris

I do not know who buttered
us in the times, nor do I care
either for praise or blame . to
be mentioned does the sale good.
If a book has good stuff in it
it will float, if it has not,
even the athenæum cannot
puff it into real life.

We are handsomely harnessed
together by the Critics & make
a pretty pair stepping out
well together . so my great object
is accomplished of doing something
that should do credit to both
of us. If to the bubble reputation