Letter of Richard Ford to John Murray, 17 December 1843

Murray helped to persuade Ford, an art connoisseur and author, to tone down some of the passages in his 'Handbook for Travellers to Spain' to avoid offending Spanish sensibilities.


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17 Dec 1843


My Dear Sir

Oh my prophetic soul! Did I not tell you
that judges, if poets, were but mortal men!
signia xx. Return me the letter: why when
poetry is on the case, even a shrewd gitano
shows weakness.

I will carefully attend both to you &
our judges remarks : You represent the British publis
sect with is precious: I will see to docking
French atrocities, but Spain is a ruin by them &
it will occur in every town. I must make up a
sort of phrase. “committed ‘their’ atrocities &
bandalium, with which we will neither stain our
pages nor shock our reader.

I am better but much reduced by broth & amf.
As soon as I get sect. 1 in proof I will forward it to
one “Righteous Judge” we are lucky at getting such
a reader & revisor : our friend Milford never had
such a gratuitous chance. Ever yours truly,
Richard Ford