Letter of the Duke of Argyll to John Murray, 22 February 1893

Although Argyll was modest about his own poetic abilities, he nevertheless hoped his poem 'Burdens of Belief' would be, as he himself stated 'a substantial contribution to the great controversy of our time - the connection between science and religion'.


Copyright National Library of Scotland


Xan doctrine. It alludes
to “Agnostic” &
“Darwinian” ideas which
may escape the notice of those
who are not familiar with
the fallacies as I think them of that school
in a philosophical point of
view. Thus, for example the
new stanza in M.S.S. which
is to follow Stanza VI is
a description of the Electric Fishes
respecting which there is a whole
literature by itself — and respecting
which, too, some by recent
researches prove that the organs
are built up for use — long before