Letter of Jane Austen to John Murray, 11 December 1815

Austen dedicated 'Emma' to the Prince Regent so an expensive presentation copy had to be made and sent to him.


Copyright National Library of Scotland

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I return you with very many Thanks, the Books you
have so obligingly supplied me with. I am very sensible
I assure you of the attention you have paid to my con
venience & amusement. I return also Mansfield Park
as ready for a 2nd Edit. I believe, as I can make it.
I am in Hans Place till the 16th . - From that day,
inclusive, my directions will be Chawton, Alton, Hants.

I remain dear Sir.
Yr faithful HumServt.
J. Austen

I write you would have the goodness to send a
stating the day on which the
set will be ready for the Prince Regent.

1815 Dec 12
Austen Miss -