Letter of Jane Austen to John Murray, 11 December 1815

Austen dedicated 'Emma' to the Prince Regent so an expensive presentation copy had to be made and sent to him.


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Hans place, Dec: 11. th

Dear Sir

As I find that Emma is advertised for publication
as early as Saturday next, I think it best to lose no time in
settling all that remains to be settled on the subject & adopt
this method of doing so, as involving the smallest tax on your

In the first place I beg you to understand that I leave
the terms on which the Trade should be supplied with
the work entirely to your Judgement, entreating you to be
guided in every such arrangement by your own experiences
of what is most likely to clear off the edition rapidly
I shall be satisfied with whatever you feel to be best.

The Title page must be, Emma, Dedicated by Permission
to H. R. H. The Prince Regent. And it is my particular
wish that one set should be completed & sent to H. R. H.
two or three days before the Work is generally public.
It should be sent under cover to the Rev: J. S. Clarke
Librarian, Carlton House.– I shall subjoin a list
of those persons, to whom I must trouble you to forward
also a set each, when the work is out;- all unbound
with From the Authoress in the first page.