Letter of Jane Austen to John Murray, 23 November 1815

Once Austen had been persuaded by Murray to dedicate 'Emma' to the Prince Regent, she didn't hesitate to use this as leverage to get the printers to speed up their work.


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My Brother's note last Monday
has been so fruitless, that I am afraid
there can be little chance of my writing
to any good effect, but yet I am so very
much disappointed & vexed by the delays
of the Printers that I cannot help beg-
ging to know whether there is no hope
of their being quickened - Instead of
the work being ready by the end of the
present month, it will hardly, at the
rate we now proceed, be finished by the
end of the next, and as I expect to leave
London early in Dec r—, it is of consequence
that no more time should be lost.
Is it likely that the Printers will be
influenced to greater Dispatch and Punctuality
by knowing that the work is to be
dedicated, by Permission, to the Prince
Regent?— If you can make that
circumstance operate, I shall be very
glad.— My Brother returns Waterloo,