Sir John Franklin's notebook, 1821

This is Franklin's notebook from his first arctic expedition to find the north-west passage in 1821. It was, as he himself wrote "written during the most distressing part of his last residence at Fort Enterprise in 1821". Fort Enterprise was the station set up by the expedition in north eastern Canada.


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Call to him
by which unfortunate we
have at probably

necessary with these
presented were
— I fear he went
too much to the left of right — I trust
he will return
to the Doctor —
We crossed a large Lake
which his &
& Compass

Tuesday Octr. 9th

The morning was rather more
mild — wind light from the north
We were enabled to collect some
Tripe de Roche and have a meal
which we had not had
for the four preceding days
this caused considerable
detention but gave v Great
addition to our strength and in
fact enabled the Party to march
with more power the deep
which I fear we should