Letter of Isabella Bird Bishop to Henrietta Bird, 13 February 1879

Bird Bishop's letters to her sister could sometimes be extraordinarily long. This letter, written from the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia, is a remarkable 116 pages long.


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ago for an annual payment
of $10,000 to the Rajah of Quedoh.
It has rapidly filled up with
Malays Chinese and Kling's
and grows Sugar Cane tapioca
Padi and Coconuts. The shore is
beautiful a Sandy beach a row
of Casuarinas of large size with grey
feathery, drooping foliage and
then coconut glades. A little jetty
on which a Sikh policeman waited
for me was a fitting landing and
presently Mrs Isemonger Came
to meet me from her lovely bun
galow under the palms on a
bright green lawn with clumps
of almanda in full beauty. Though
it was getting dark Mrs I. took
me to see the back Country in
a little trap but most of the
drive was accomplished by
the light of sheet lightening which
was nearly incessant giving
everything a weird unusual
look. There are miles of Coconut
plantations with the trees in
straight lines forming broad
avenues which are very grand
Then cane and Padi and then
coconut plantations again. In
coming back we saw numbers