Letter of Isabella Bird Bishop to Henrietta Bird, 13 February 1879

Bird Bishop's letters to her sister could sometimes be extraordinarily long. This letter, written from the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia, is a remarkable 116 pages long.


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British Residency Larut. Ma
lay Peninsula. At Mr Maxwells
Assistant Resident

Feb 13 / 79

“Great” Perak Letter

116 pages!!

My own Pet

This cannot be a “great”
letter because one native state
is so like another and
there is now very little to
I came from Mr Justice Woods
at Penang yesterday in a gharry
to the pier and their servant got
a lumbering boat for me with
an attap awning and 5 Kling
rowers who row with oars shap
ed this working in coils
of rope. These oars have little
hold on the water. The Strait was
very calm and the fiery light of
evening truly tropical. I went to
Mrs Isemonger Mr Maxwell's sis
ter who I met at Mr Woods
the day before. Her husband
is police magistrate of Province
Wellesley a most flourishing
strip of land on the mainland
ceded to England some years