Translation of Lord Byron's Greek funeral oration, 1836

When Byron died fighting for Greek independence against the Turks, there was a huge outpouring of grief throughout Greece. Today, he is still considered a national hero there.


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Delivered in Greek by M. SPYRIDION TRI-
COUPI,* at Missolonghi, on Thursday in
Easter Week, 10th/22nd April, 1824, in honour
of the late LORD BYRON.

UNLOOKED-FOR event! Deplorable misfor-
fortune! But a short time has elapsed
since the people of this deeply suffering
country, welcomed with unfeigned joy and
open arms this celebrated individual to
their bosoms : to-day, overwhelmed with
grief and despair, they mourn over his
funeral couch. On Easter Sunday, the
happy salutation of the day, “Christ is

* Now Minister of His Grecian Majesty to the Court
of St. James.