Translation of Lord Byron's Greek funeral oration, 1836

When Byron died fighting for Greek independence against the Turks, there was a huge outpouring of grief throughout Greece. Today, he is still considered a national hero there.


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carried it to the church ; that thousands of
Greek soldiers lined the way through
which it passed, with the muzzles of their
muskets, which had destroyed so many ty-
rants, pointed towards the ground, as
though they would war against that earth
which was to deprive them for ever of the
sight of their benefactor ; all this crowd of
soldiers, ready at a moment to march
against the implacable enemy of Christ and
man, surround now the funeral couch, and
swear never to forget the sacrifices made by
your Father for us, and never to allow the
spot where his heart is placed, to be tram-
pled upon by barbarous and tyrannical feet.
Thousands of Christian voices are at this
moment heard, and the Temple of the Al-
mighty resounds with supplications and
prayers, that his venerated remains might
be safely conveyed to his native Land, and
that his soul might rest where the righteous
alone find rest.